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Why Us?

True Brotherhood

Rushing Lambda Chi Alpha gives you a unique experience, which is difficult to rival. Your interest alone has started your journey through the Great Passage of Lambda Chi Alpha. You will begin your journey as an Associate member, where you will learn about what it takes to become a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha in the Call to Brotherhood. On your way, you will learn our Seven Core Values and an understanding of True Brotherhood. You will gain self-confidence and find a clearer meaning of true justice. As your journey unfolds, the mysteries of this great bond of brotherhood will be revealed. The only way to get a real sense of fraternity is to join!


At Lambda Chi Alpha, you will always feel a sense of belonging. You will never struggle to find a brother to talk to when you need guidance. As Lambda Chis, the brothers are always readily available to help each other out.


Lambda Chi Alpha is a fraternity that demands the best from its members, whether it is in academics, community service, relationships, or competition. As a member of this fraternity, you be driven to achieve a higher standard of living. Being an associate of Lambda Chi Alpha means you will in a demanding, not demeaning environment. As you learn our Seven Core Values, you will become a man who holds himself to a higher standard. At Lambda Chi Alpha you will learn Leadership, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.


Lambda Chi Alpha is an environment where leaders are developed. This process is integrated into the True Brother program. You will learn, develop, and utilize leadership skills. In the True Brother program, you will learn to be a Faithful Steward, Servant Leader, Leader of Character, and a Lifetime Brother on your route to joining the Inner Circle.

Lasting Bonds

As a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, the bonds you make with the other brothers will not only last for four years, but a lifetime. True Brother develops its members to be Lifetime Brothers.

Interested in Rushing?

Please contact our rush chairman if you want to stay at the Lambda Chi Alpha house, Nick Chao.